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Give Back Online Sale

This month’s Give Back sale features some amazing offers, with proceeds benefiting The Australian Red Cross

“Relief in times of crisis, care when it’s needed most and commitment when others turn away. With millions of volunteers worldwide and thousands of members, volunteers and supporters across Australia, we can reach people and places like nobody else.”

To learn more visit www.redcross.org.au.

Consider supporting fire affected communities by taking part in the Online Only Give Back sale!

65% of the profits from Give Back Online Sale items will be donated to The Australian Red Cross

Give Back offers will be available from:

11:00 am – Wednesday, January 22nd


8:00 am – Thursday, January 23rd

Give Back offers will be ready for pick up at your selected Highlander location by:

Saturday, February 1st


At Highlander Wine & Spirits we appreciate the value of a strong community and giving back to the communities that have helped us grow. Over the years we have supported many not-for-profit events and initiatives.  In 2016 we set the goal to streamline our community investment in order to have a greater impact in the communities that have supported us, and Give Back was born. Give Back is a once monthly online sale in support of a different not-for-profit partner each month.  Give Back is typically on the first Wednesday of the month and features specific Give Back items from which 65% of the profits are donated to the not-for-profit partner.  Since 2016 we have invested over $146,000.00 back into the community through Give Back, having supported a variety of causes and organizations.

To apply to become a Give Back not-for-profit partner please apply here.  We have received a tremendous response to the call for Give Back applications and we are so pleased to see so many incredible organizations working in the community. Give Back applications are evaluated quarterly and we have now selected nearly all of our 2019 partners, and we thank everyone who has applied.  If you were not selected for 2019, please apply again in early 2020.